Tournament Details

OGSA Battle For The Crown

Jun 08 - 09 , 2024

Girls Fastpitch

8U-Open | 10U-A/B/C |
12U-A/B/C | 14U-B/C |

Lone Elm Park | Olathe Girls Softball Complex

4 Game Guarantee - Pool into Single Elimination Bracket

Tournament Director
Darren Elliott | | 316-214-9502

Tournament Schedule
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In a Battle for the Crown, no Kingdom was ever won by giving up. In the movie Camelot Sean Connery delivered the line, “Never Surrender!” We agree with King Arthur! Let the games begin (at 1pm—bracket times and last 16/18C pool games updated). 

60 minute games until the Championships. 

See you this afternoon!! 

The field crews will be hard at work so please avoid coming to the ballpark prior to Noon and please no one on the infields until the first games start. Thank you!! 

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38 Registered Teams

Entry Fee


8UOpen - $270

Enter by - Jun-02

Tournament Info

*+-  Battle For The Crown  -+*

Tournament Details

  • 4 Game Guarantee - Pool followed by Single Elimination Bracket

  • 8U - $270 - Coach Pitch. 

  • Gate Fee will be $6 for adults and $3 for seniors and kids (cash only).

  • All Divisions will play USA Softball Rules (except where otherwise specified).

    • 10B Division will play by 10B open rules  

    • 10C Division: no dropped third strike, no infield fly rule, no stealing home (can only advance home if forced via hit by pitch or walk or on a ball hit).  NO one base on an overthrow restriction.  Any baserunner attempting to steal home is at liability to be put out; if they make it home without being put out, time will be declared and all runners that advanced will be returned to their originating base.

    • 10C & 12C Division: five run per half inning limit.

    • All Divisions: roster batting allowed and run spread of 12-10-8 after innings 3-4-5.

  • OGSA/Lone Elm does not allow alcohol consumption, smoking, vaping, bicycles, hoverboards, scooters, skateboards, motorized vehicles in our facilities.  We do not tolerate abusive behavior or language by any participant towards other participants, staff, umpires.  Violating any of these rules will result in being removed from the complex.

  • USA Softball Tournaments have adopted a zero tolerance policy that all participants agree to by taking part in our events.  Anyone found in violation of this policy will be subject to removal from the event and possible disciplinary actions for future events.

  • Be prepared to play Friday evening (dependent on number of entrants).

Registration Deadline

  • June 2nd at 11:59 PM

  • All teams must be registered and paid by the deadline to be scheduled

Check-In Details

  • Must be USA Softball registered for the 2024 season in order to participate

  • Must show Proof of Insurance at Check-In

  • Must have a completed roster -> Tournament MVP

  • Player List/Roster must have all current players and coaches listed

  • Receive two softballs once all items are verified

Coaches Requirements

Additional Information

  • Google Maps

  • National Weather Service

  • RainoutLine (USA Softball Kansas City) = 816-222-0076

    • Lone Elm Park Softball Complex: extension 5

    • Olathe Girls Softball Complex (OGSA): extension 6

  • Rainout Policy

    • If 75% of games are played, there will be no refunds.

    • Any refunds will be issued based on the number of games a team played.

    • If no games are played, a $25 administration fee will be withheld from the refund.

    • No refunds will be given to teams who forfeit games.

  • Team Drop Policy

    • If a team drops before the registration deadline has passed, there will be a full refund.

    • If a team drops on Sunday before the tournament, there will be a $50 administration fee assessed and balance will be refunded.

    • If a team drops on Monday before the tournament or later there will be no refund as the schedule will already be in process.