Creature Feature

Creature Feature:  Contest Winners will be posted on Facebook. Make sure you follow for updates. 

USA Softball of Kansas City- Fastpitch

Gate: $6.00 Adults/ $3.00 Seniors and Youth


Costume Contest - Fence Decorating - Pumpkin Contest on Saturday.

Turn in your pumpkins to the Tournament Director

Fence Decorating > Any Fence 10 feet >Please take down before you leave on Saturday> Notify Staff once you are ready for it to be judged. 

Costume > Stop by the tournament director to get your team picture taken by our leading judge.

Swag:   Located next to tournament director.


8 Team Single Elimination
1) Blue Valley-20 [N]|Sun @ 11:30 am
5) Blue Valley-20 [N]|Sun @ 02:30 pm
2) Blue Valley-21 [N]|Sun @ 11:30 am
Championship Blue Valley-20 [N]|Sun @ 04:00 pm
3) Blue Valley-20 [N]|Sun @ 01:00 pm
6) Blue Valley-21 [N]|Sun @ 02:30 pm
4) Blue Valley-21 [N]|Sun @ 01:00 pm