• $6.00 for Adults
  • $3.00 for Seniors (55+) & Kids (13-17)
  • Kids 12 and under are free

THANK YOU to all of the teams that participated in the Scavenger Hunt.   Here are the winners!

Winning teams get 6 softballs and a $75 discount on a future VIP event  

16-18u Missfits

14u Mid Mo Raptors

14u Khaos

12u Storm Softball Club

12u KC Eclipse

10u Northern Lights

Alcohol is not allowed at any softball complex/parking lot.

Rainout Line:  Find the "" App on your smartphone or tablet, search for USA Softball of Kansas City.  You can also call the phone number is 816-222-0076, follow the prompts and it will provide up-to-date information.

10C - Blue

7 Team Single Elimination
1) Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 08:00 am
4) Hidden Valley-9|Sun @ 11:00 am
Championship Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 02:00 pm
2) Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 09:30 am
5) Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 12:30 pm
3) Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 11:00 am