KC Metro Championships NO GATE FEES

WELCOME to the KC METRO Championships!

Coaches > check in with the on-site Tournament Director at the park where you play your 1st game.  Those who check-in AND have their roster entered on the website will receive 2 softballs.

NO GATE FEES this weekend!  Bring the whole family out to watch your team play!

It is going to be super hot this weekend.  PLEASE bring plenty of water for your players & cooling towels!!!

10B Single Elim

8 Team Single Elimination
1) Hidden Valley-4|Sun @ 08:30 am
5) Hidden Valley-4|Sun @ 11:30 am
2) Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 08:30 am
Championship Hidden Valley-4|Sun @ 03:00 pm
3) Hidden Valley-4|Sun @ 10:00 am
6) Hidden Valley-4|Sun @ 01:30 pm
4) Hidden Valley-5|Sun @ 10:00 am