Please stop by the office at OGSA anytime today or the Tournament Director area at Lone Elm (after 12pm today) to claim your prize--

8 OPEN--1st: Trojanettes, 2nd: Dolphins, 3rd: Cheetahs

10A--1st: Quakes, 2nd: CE Sting

10B--1st: Rebels Oestmann, 2nd: Orginals Oberg

10C--1st: Classics Clay, 2nd: Aftershock, 3rd: Rebels Eakin

12B--1st: PSA Bombers, 2nd: Klutch

12C--1st: Cubbies, 2nd: Competitive Edge

14B--1st: Team KC, 2nd: Force

16/18C--1st: Freeze, 2nd: Coldsteel Cobras

--  tournament champion in each division will receive a custom made fungo bat courtesy of d-bat kansas city.

--  TOURNAMENT CHAMPION AND runner-up IN EACH DIVISION will receive halloween-themed team MEDALS AND trophy (8Open and 10C DIVISIONs HAVE BEEN SEPARATED into two brackets--same awards FOR each).


  • $6.00 for Adults
  • $3.00 for Seniors (55+) and Kids (13-17)
  • Free for Children 12 & Under

Alcohol is not allowed in any softball complex/parking lot throughout the duration of any USA Softball sanctioned event.

Field Condition Update: Find the "RainoutLine.com" app on your electronic device/mobile phone and search for USA Softball Kansas City.  You can also call the telephone number (816-222-0076), follow the prompts and it will provide up-to-date information for all USA Softball Kansas City facilities.

08Open {Gold}

8 Team Single Elimination
1) Olathe Girls-6|Sun @ 10:00 am
5) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 01:30 pm
2) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 10:00 am
Championship Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 04:30 pm
3) Olathe Girls-6|Sun @ 08:30 am
6) Olathe Girls-6|Sun @ 01:30 pm
4) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 08:30 am