USA Softball Kansas Eastern State Championships

MANHATTAN WEATHER DELAY SUNDAY 6/9 6:00 AM 1st Games are delayed and will start at 9:00 am, to give the grass a chance to dry out. Check back for further updates, as needed.


TOURNAMENT UPDATE FOR MANHATTAN FRIDAY 6/07/24 8:30 am After further discussion and looking at weather forecasts, we will be moving all games in Manhattan this weekend to the 4 turf fields at Twin Oaks. With an inch of rain forecast for Friday night and now an added half-inch of rain on Saturday night, the 2 dirt Anneberg fields will not be playable this weekend. Everyone will play this weekend. We will now go start to double elimination and not have a pool game. We will adjust the schedule somewhat. This will be worked on today, but mind you, we also have other jobs and other responsibilities to do today, so the schedule probably wont be complete till later this afternoon. We will work on it as fast as we possibly can. We will be starting at 8:00 am Saturday and Sunday for sure. Thank you for your understanding this weekend.

FACILITY LOCATIONS: (10U, 12U & 14U) Twin Oaks Softball Complex, 901 Twin Oaks Dr, Manhattan, KS 66503

FIELD SURFACES: TWIN OAKS: Fields 1-4 are turf infields, grass outfield.

GAME TIMES: 10U, 12U, 14U: 70 minute bracket games; flip for home team every game

INDIVIDUAL GATE FEE: Adults 18 and Older $6.00; Ages 5-17 $2.00 (Cash only)

T-SHIRTS FOR SALE: T-Shirts will be available for sale at the Twin Oaks 4 field quad concession stand area (Cash or Venmo)

CONCESSION STANDS: TWIN OAKS: Will have concessions all day

GAME BALLS: Hit your own balls. You will receive two (2) new game balls at your coaches check-in. Red-stitch ASA/USA Stamped 11" or 12" Optic Yellow .47 COR/375 Ball (No USSSA Blue-stitch balls will be used)


TWIN OAKS FIELDS Fields 1-4: Coaches Check-In will be as you enter the 4 turf field quad. First (3) coaches to sign in get in at no charge and will receive a coaches pass for the weekend. Everyone there after will pay to get in. First coach to sign in will receive their 2 new game balls.

10u Bracket

14 Team Double Elimination
Winners Bracket
1) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 09:30 am
7) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 02:00 pm
17) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 05:00 pm
2) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 09:30 am
8) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 02:00 pm
3) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 11:00 am
If game) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 07:30 pm
23) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 01:30 pm
4) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 11:00 am
Championship) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 06:00 pm
9) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 03:30 pm
5) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 12:30 pm
18) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 05:00 pm
6) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 12:30 pm
10) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 03:30 pm
Losers Bracket
21) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 12:00 pm
25) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 04:30 pm
15) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 08:00 pm
11) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sat @ 06:30 pm
19) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sun @ 10:30 am
24) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 03:00 pm
13) Twin Oaks-TO2|Sat @ 08:00 pm
22) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sun @ 12:00 pm
14) Twin Oaks-TO1|Sat @ 08:00 pm
20) Twin Oaks-TO3|Sun @ 10:30 am
16) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 08:00 pm
12) Twin Oaks-TO4|Sat @ 06:30 pm