Kansas USA $500 Money Ball Games 5GG 2 Day

Exciting News! Kenwood Cove (the waterpark in Salina) has offered discounted rates for all tournament participants. Updated price to a rate of $4 per person. This will apply to SATURDAY only, due to the last games starting at 3:30 on all fields! The park is open from 12:30-7:00 PM. You will need to let their staff know you are playing in the Moneyball tournament, as well as provide your team name. 

FACILITY LOCATION: BILL BURKE PARK: 1501 E Crawford St, Salina, KS 67401

FIELD SURFACES: SALINA BURKE PARK: All fields are turf infields, grass outfield.

GAME TIMES: 8U: 55 minute pool & bracket games; 10U, 12U, 16/18U: 70 minute pool & bracket games; flip for home team every game

COACHES PAY AT THE GATE: All coaches will pay at the complex at Bill Burke as they enter. Pay reimbursement for coaches explained below.

COACHES CHECK-IN & REIMBURSEMENT: SALINA BURKE PARK: At the Shelter, next to Field 6 and north of the concession stand. One (1) coach from each team will sign in for and receive an envelope with coaches passes for 2 days for 3 coaches and $18 in cash. Only one coach from each team needs to check in. You will receive two (2) new softballs per team to use at check-in on Saturday.

PLAYING SHOES: NO spiked shoes on any turf field. Turf field shoes are allowed at Bill Burke.


WEATHER DELAY INFORMATION: Will be posted on the TournamentMVP.com tournament web page, at the top of the Pool & Brackets page, as well as on the Kansas Fastpitch Softball Facebook page.

T-SHIRTS FOR SALE: T-Shirts will be available for sale $20@shirt; Past tournament T-Shirts will be for sale also 2 for $20 (Cash or Venmo)

CONCESSION STANDS: SALINA BURKE PARK: Will have concessions all weekend.

GAME BALLS: Hit your own balls. You will receive two (2) new game balls at your coaches check-in. Red-stitch ASA/USA Stamped 11" or 12" Optic Yellow .47 COR/375 Ball (No USSSA Blue-stitch balls will be used)

INDIVIDUAL GATE FEE: Adults 18 and Older $6.00; Ages 5-17 $2.00 (Cash only)

10u Moneyball

8 Team Double Elimination
Winners Bracket
1) Salina Burke-BB7|Sun @ 08:00 am
7) Salina Burke-BB7|Sun @ 12:30 pm
2) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 08:00 am
11) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 03:30 pm
If game) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 08:00 pm
3) Salina Burke-BB7|Sun @ 09:30 am
8) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 12:30 pm
Championship) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 06:30 pm
4) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 09:30 am
Losers Bracket
13) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 05:00 pm
9) Salina Burke-BB7|Sun @ 02:00 pm
5) Salina Burke-BB7|Sun @ 11:00 am
12) Salina Burke-BB7|Sun @ 03:30 pm
10) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 02:00 pm
6) Salina Burke-BB8|Sun @ 11:00 am