OGSA Battle For The Crown

In a Battle for the Crown, no Kingdom was ever won by giving up. In the movie Camelot Sean Connery delivered the line, “Never Surrender!” We agree with King Arthur! Let the games begin (at 1pm—bracket times and last 16/18C pool games updated). 

60 minute games until the Championships. 

See you this afternoon!! 

The field crews will be hard at work so please avoid coming to the ballpark prior to Noon and please no one on the infields until the first games start. Thank you!! 


10 Team Single Elimination
3) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 02:15 pm
7) Olathe Girls-7|Sun @ 05:00 pm
1) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 01:00 pm
5) Olathe Girls-7|Sun @ 03:30 pm
Championship Olathe Girls-7|Sun @ 06:15 pm
6) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 03:30 pm
2) Olathe Girls-7|Sun @ 01:00 pm
8) Olathe Girls-5|Sun @ 05:00 pm
4) Olathe Girls-7|Sun @ 02:15 pm